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The Power of Journaling Online Workshop Video Recording

The Power of Journaling Workshop Video Recording


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Yes, Add Being Emotionally Empowered Online Workshop Recording

Learn about the purpose of your emotions, especially the ones you may be rejecting such as anger, sadness, guilt and shame, and how to tell when they are healthy and unhealthy so you can embrace and take care of your feelings.

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You will learn:

"This was really helpful as I’ve been doing a lot of journaling again and this gave me more focus. I already started creating separate journals and asking the questions you provided to gain clarity with my truth. This is exciting for me. Thank you" - NaCole

"The journaling exercises helped me get clearer in my thoughts, and more in tune with my body. I feel much more at peace with my body and confident in my ability to heal from within.” - Courtney

“I have left behind so much resistance, pain, suffering, anger, fear that it is amazing to look back over the process and see all that I have released and how freeing it is to live my truth. The faith I have in my own healing ability, in joy, in love is immeasurably useful in my own coaching practice. Thank you Elicia! Love and blessings.” - Toshia

“Working with Elicia has opened me up to new ideas and possibilities. I’ve also learned the power of journaling, through Elicia’s exercises and free-form. Journaling is a tool that we all have with us at all times, and through it can learn so much about ourselves, our patterns, our triggers and our desires. I feel empowered with the tools I have gained over the last few months!” - Lori